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Seeking Talents


The Order of Seeking Talents:
A Group of Practical Idealists

    Since the Renaissance, human scientific and technological civilization has made great strides forward, such as Kunlun standing in the sky, and rivers flowing into the Yangtze River.

    Any company or entrepreneur who can achieve a great cause, why not hope for wise people to come together and jointly realize the road to prosperity? From ancient times to modern times, Shun was recommended from the field, Fu Yue was promoted from among the slaves who built the city, Liu Bei was born in the street vendor's shoe weaving seat, Cao Cao was born in the eunuch's house, Zhu Yuanzhang has gone through the poverty of temple cultivation, Nokia was born in the logging and paper industry, Intel produced memory modules in its early days instead of central processing units, Google, Apple and other companies were founded in the garage... When these enterprises and companies were assisted by talented people, most of them lived in the poor alleys and did not reach the vassal. What kind of fate and coincidence is this? Either it is fate, or Bole knows a thousand li horse, or Mount Taishan can become its great bank because it doesn't choose a cup of soil, or the Yangtze River can become its mighty river because it doesn't choose a small stream.

    Talent and Bole have always been complementary and mutually successful. Therefore, there are Wei Yang meeting with Qin Xiaogong three times, Xiao He chasing Han Xin under the moon, Liu Bei meeting with the Spanish Queen three times, Columbus meeting with the Spanish Queen, Okuboro investigating and promoting the Meiji Restoration reform after returning home, Xiantong Eight rebelling, and it is not easy to learn from the West.

    We believe that many outstanding talents have not yet been discovered. Perhaps he also worked hard in Nanyang and fished in the Weihe River; It may be that good birds choose trees to live in, and wise ministers choose their masters; Maybe fate has not arrived, and things are changeable; Perhaps a random event has not yet occurred; Perhaps a butterfly in the Amazon jungle has not yet flapped its wings... It is said that the fierce general must start from the dead, and the prime minister must start from the state. Welcome people of insight to introduce themselves, or introduce each other, and join us: point out the rivers and mountains, promote the words, and the dung of the year. Hit the water at the midstream, and the waves will stop the flying boat!

    The sustainable development of an enterprise is, in the final analysis, to meet the needs of the majority of customers, and take "customer satisfaction" as the yardstick to measure all work. With the goal of "maximizing the fundamental interests of the majority of customers", only when the interests of customers are large, can we pay for our products and services, and only when enterprises have the funds to operate, develop and produce, can enterprises continue to develop the advanced ownership, advanced productivity, advanced production relations, advanced corporate culture of "modern enterprises with Chinese characteristics"... can enterprises survive. We are willing to provide senior positions and a high proportion of shares to those heroes who can "effectively serve our customers" and "operate legally and in compliance" to jointly manage the enterprise. A steed can't take ten steps in one leap, and a slow horse can't take ten steps.

If there is no "integrity",

Then, "smart" and "diligent" people will destroy everything.

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