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    At present, we only work on Earth:

      Sinbad Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

      Email: service@sinbad.net

      Address: WeWork, Floor 3, Brilliant Times Building, Building 56, North Fourth Ring West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
      Postcode: 100080

   About Us:

    Sinbad Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2020 under the leadership of Mr. Liu Qing, a persistent and determined founder.

    Just like Edison developing electric light bulbs and Musk developing rockets, we went through countless hardships and challenges in the early years of entrepreneurship. However, amidst various pressures and difficulties, we were as hard as the luminous body of a light bulb, as strong as the thruster of a rocket, and never collapsed. We forge ahead with the spirit of never giving up by constantly trying, failing, trying again, trying again... and gradually exploring a unique and unique development path that aligns with the company's characteristics.

    The company was founded in October, symbolizing its birth in the same month as the great motherland, China, reflecting our determination to stand shoulder to shoulder with our motherland and share prosperity and development. We hope that, like Edison's electric lights illuminating the world, Musk's rockets challenging the unknown, we can also forge ahead in the prosperity of our motherland, work together, and create a brilliant future.

    Our name was inspired by the legendary character Sinbad in the Arabian folktale One Thousand and One Nights (also known as the Arabian Nights). Our English name "Sinbad" is derived from Sind, a place name in the ancient Indus River Basin, which means "sea traveler from Sind", and symbolizes our spirit of forging ahead without fear of hardships and dangers. Sinbad is a famous navigator. Starting from Basra, he traveled all over the seven oceans of the world and experienced countless mysterious adventures. He traveled all over the sea from East Africa to South Asia, braved the mysterious unknown world, fought various magical creatures, and explored supernatural phenomena. Sinbad's adventure story was also made into an animated film "Sinbad's Legend of the Seven Seas" by DreamWorks in 2003. In the film, Sinbad has gone through seven voyage trials, successfully regained the "Book of Peace", proved his innocence, and contributed his strength to world peace.

     Our company, Sinbad Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., takes this spirit as the soul and aspires to develop into a world-class top artificial intelligence enterprise. We strive to integrate artificial intelligence technology from the East and the West, combine the latest research and practical achievements from around the world, strictly abide by initiatives, regulations, and laws such as the "Regulations on the Administration of Deep Synthesis of Internet Information Services", "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Ethics Standards", "Proposal on Artificial Intelligence Ethics Issues" and the "Global AI Governance Initiative", and contribute our efforts to the progress of human society.

     Our ultimate goal is to participate in the construction of a "fair and just society", so that everyone can unleash their abilities and obtain the resources they need. In order to actively participate in the work of building a "Community of Shared Future for Mankind", we are constantly striving for innovation. We firmly believe that through our efforts, we can contribute our modest strength to achieving peace, happiness, and prosperous development worldwide.

     Like Sinbad in the story, our journey is full of challenges and adventures, but our firm belief is that technology can change the world, humans can coexist harmoniously and sustainably with technology and nature, and artificial intelligence can drive society towards a better direction. We, Sinbad Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., are taking this as a driving force to move forward firmly and create the future!