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Our Mission

With tech, be honest, engaged in education.

Let customers become richer and stronger!

Customer definition: thousands of students, ordinary people, small business.

Let customers become richer and stronger!
Let customers become richer and stronger!

Our Vision

     Vision A : Use AI to "continuously" reduce the cost of education in China and the world, and "continuously" increase the income of high-quality pan-education workers.

     Vision B : Use AI to "continuously" transform traditional education, promote individualized teaching, stimulate learning interest and fun, and promote lifelong learning for all.

     Vision C : Use AI to help closely integrate education and employment (getting rich, economic development, and a better life)[1], promote five educations simultaneously[2], and educate people in three aspects[3].

     [1] Education must be combined with production and labor, and education must be run to the satisfaction of the people.

     [2] Efforts should be made to build an education system that comprehensively cultivates morality, intelligence, physique, art and labor, and form a higher-level talent training system.

     [3] Educate all staff, educate people throughout the process, and educate people in an all-round way.

Small Business, Big Dream.
Small Business, Big Dream.

Enterprise Values