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Enterprise Values: 

   Don't be evil

    As a small and micro enterprise, we must adhere to law-abiding and honest operation from the very beginning.

    The comprehensive rule of law is the essential requirement and important guarantee of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. The Socialist market economy is a credit economy and a rule of law economy. Law-abiding operation is a major principle that any enterprise must adhere to. Our company regards "law-abiding and integrity" as the foundation of our livelihood, operating and governing enterprises in accordance with the law, and safeguarding rights in accordance with the law. The bottom line of the law cannot be broken. We will resolutely refrain from illegal activities such as tax evasion, smuggling, and counterfeiting. We will also resolutely refrain from any unethical activities such as cutting corners, lacking weight, or offering high quality and high prices. Laws and regulations are standards that must be followed at all times; Morality is the cornerstone and cannot be ignored at any time.

    Laws and regulations are written morals, while morality is the inner law. Corporate governance requires the coordinated efforts of laws, regulations, and ethics.

    (To be updated and improved...)