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Enterprise Values:

   Dare to Struggle.

   Dare to Win.


    Happiness, harmony, honesty... all come from struggle!


    1. Labor creates people, and life evolution determines that people must fight.

    2. People will instinctively choose meaningful struggles in order to survive and live better.

    3. A meaningful struggle will produce positive and healthy emotions.

    4. Life is a struggle process. People need to choose their own career according to their own expertise and hobbies, achieve their dreams in the process of experiencing the joy struggle, and pursue socially recognized values (knowledge, happiness, wealth, reputation, status...).

    5. Due to the limitation of the level of productive forces, the society forces people to carry out unwilling struggles. After a long struggle, the society is becoming more and more free, equal, fair and just.

    6. People have evolved the instinct to do things according to laws and rules. People are always mastering and applying laws and rules to adapt to and transform the environment so as to better survive and live. However, rules can be changed, and their formulation and implementation are carried out by subjective people. Therefore, the formulation and implementation of rules should be reasonable, fair and constantly improved.

    7. The following situations will lead people to escape from struggle or to be unable to carry out normal struggle: no pressure, motivation, laziness, not pursuing excellence but choosing mediocrity, mediocrity, daydreaming (daydreaming), lack of goals, suffering from mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.), escaping from struggle (timidity, lying on equal footing), and experiencing temporary confusion... Such life will be empty and boring, and life will be pale and dull, so we should cheer up as soon as possible.

    8. In the process of development, the enterprise will always and strive to adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, and provide as many job platforms as possible that enable people to stay in it, strive passionately, and be willing to contribute, so that everyone can do their best, get their place, live and work in peace and contentment, and live a happy life.

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